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Training Overview

Maggette Basketball offers a highly structured training experience that emphasizes key basketball fundamentals, strength training and conditioning.  Our academy training experience is an effective and efficient way for your child to improve their skills.  Players learn what they need to work on and are provided the tools and techniques to master the game.

We offer four different experiences as follows:

Open Training Programs

Maggette Play 3 on 3

Maggette Play 3 on 3 is an open gym experience that allows players to enjoy the game while organically growing their skills. Bring your team of 3 or pair up upon arrival.  Challenge and test your basketball “IQ”!

Spring Academy Training

Academy training is the first level of training at Maggette Basketball. It is designed for players in grades 3rd-8th.



Spring Girls Clinic

Our spring girls clinic allows us to work specifically with your female players to hone their skills while building a love for the sport.

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Academy Plus

The next step in training is Academy PLUS.  This program is designed to hone the skills of high school boys and 7th-8th grade girls.

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    Academy Semi-Private

    This training is designed for those players that want more specific attention.  This training session is made up of the following:

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    Academy Private

    This training is a one-on-one training session designed to specifically focus on your players strengths and weaknesses.

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    We are currently in the process of registering our winter leagues. 


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